Afghan Stories

Upwardly Global has helped thousands of Afghan immigrants and refugees start their careers in the U.S.


"I Was Born To Fly."

This is what I am made for. This is what I’m born for. I like to fly again as an airline pilot. To fly for private companies. I want to provide good life for my family here in the United States and spend time with them.


"There Are 125 Students In My Medical Class. 124 Boys And Me, One Girl."

At the beginning, it was tough. I did my 11 and 12 grades in Afghanistan. It was bad because we didn’t know how to write Pashto. We used to fight a lot with other girls because they were using bad words towards us.


"In The 5,000-Year History Of Afghanistan, I Am The 115th Commercial Licensed Pilot."

During the Afghan evacuation, we were part of the flights as requested by the US government. We were flying to Abu Dhabi and empty flight back to Kabul. Kabul was very restricted at that moment.

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